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What We Offer

Associated with FANTASIA MUSIC -Chatswood & Croydon- is committed to providing lessons that not only fit every skill level and background but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach. Room hire service is also available.


Private Instrument Lesson

Explore your full music potential

  • 1 on1 with the teacher

  • Customized program to maximize your learning progress

  • Fortnightly Performance opportunity

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Ensemble Lesson

Play with your Peers!

  • Learning valuable ensemble skills

  • Collaborate with other musicians 

  • Exposed to more repertoires and genres of music 

  • Opportunities to perform with friends and teachers 

Classical Music Players

Tutorial lesson

Missing practice or needing extra help?

  • Get experience practice methods and guidance 

  • Setting up good routines 

  • Get different perspectives from other teachers 

  • Your budget option to revisit your material before the lesson

Image by Marius Masalar

Theory Lesson

Brush up Your Musicality

  • Fulfill the exam requirement 

  • Supporting your practical skills 

  • Available in both Live and Online lesson

  • Materials provided

Get in touch with any questions about any of our lesson and service options.


You are welcome to add our WeChat: FantasiaCroydon

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